About - Ketil Martinsen


My name is Ketil Martinsen. I am a photographer living in Oslo, Norway.
On my photo pages you will find pictures from Norway where I live and from other counties I have visited.

I really enjoy shooting concerts.
Check out the shootingconcerts.no part of my site!

I also shoot sports as often as possible. And love to take macro pictures of all kinds of bugs.

I shoot lots of different themes, and a many of the pictures are Digital Blended. I rarely like how a photo looks straight from the camera. Most of the pictures are Digital Blended in Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomatix, Luminar, Aurora ++​ ​

I shoot with:

- Canon 5D Mk III & IV
- Sony A7R
- Sony RX100 III
- GoPro Hero 4 Black iPhone X
- iPhoneX

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